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Graeme Lambert

Graeme Lambert

Graeme Lambert – Moorside

During the Pirate Party UK’s first ever elections, Graeme stood in Bury North in 2010 campaigning for:

  • Maternity and special care baby unit at Fairfield hospital to remain open;
  • Compulsory ID cards to be scrapped;
  • Improved IT education in schools;
  • Legalisation of non-commercial file sharing;
  • Length of copyright to be reduced to 10 years;
  • Drug patents to be abolished in favour of subsidies;
  • Libel reform in-line with recommendations from the Libel Reform Society; and
  • A transparent, corruption free government.

Graeme received 131 votes (0.3%) after essentially running the whole campaign himself.

A year later, Graeme stood again in the Moorside ward, campaigning for:

  • Saving £40 per desktop, per year, by using open source software instead of proprietary software rather than cutting essential services;
  • A cut in the pay of Council executives;
  • An end to illegal car parking on Walmersley Road;
  • Increase transparency in local government; and
  • Keep local leisure and sports facilities open.

In this election, Graeme achieved 119 votes (3.6%) from the single ward which marked a big improvement on the previous year’s share of the vote.  This was helped significantly by the presence of campaigns team this time.

Graeme has been a school governor at St John with St Mark Church of England primary school since 2011 and is currently the health & safety governor as well as the chair of the resources committee. Graeme attended St John’s primary school and left in 2002 prior to the amalgamation with St Mark’s and lives just around the corner on Avondale Avenue.

Upon leaving St John’s, Graeme attended Broad Oak Sports College and like many took a stand against Bury Council in the face of the threat of closure. Bury Council wanted to close Broad Oak and merge the school with The Derby. Eventually, Bury Council backed down and the school was saved.

Since then, Broad Oak Sports College have launched the UK’s first completely free public wi-fi service in partnership with Pennine Telecom, something the Pirate Party want to roll out in as many places as possible.

Graeme works locally in Tottington as a software developer at a VoIP telecommunications company.

Graeme is married and has one daughter.

You can follow Graeme on Twitter at @graemelambert

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