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Why an 11% pay rise for MPs is ridiculous

Today it was confirmed that MPs would receive an 11% pay rise after the 2015 General Election[1]. This equates to a £7,300 pay rise bringing the total salary for an MP to £73,699.

Let’s put that in perspective with some figures shall we.

Salary on minimum wage for 37.5 hours per week: £12,304.50 (£6.31 per hour)[2]
Salary on living wage (outside London) for 37.5 hours per week: £14,917.50 (£7.65 per hour)[3]
Salary on living wage (for London) for 37.5 hours per week: £17,160 (£8.80 per hour)
Average salary across UK: £28,097.50[4]

According to an article by The Guardian from May[5], the average MP works 70 hours a week. On their current salary of £66,396[6] that would bring their average hourly rate to £18.24. Their new pay rise will bring their hourly rate up to £20.25.

In that same article from The Guardian you will see that many MPs have second jobs or directorships and collectively rake in more than £7m per year. To put that figure in perspective, their 11% pay rise is expected to cost tax payers £4.6m per year.

This news came at the perfect time to be ridiculed as we now know that 13 million people in the UK are living in poverty, with over half in work[7]. Poverty in the UK is defined by living off less than 60% of the national median income.

It is my opinion that MPs should not be receiving pay rises when we are all living in austerity, especially not when it would cost us £4.6m per year to provide whilst they are raking in £7m per year from their second jobs.

We want MPs that will represent us and work for us. At the moment we have out of touch, overpaid MPs that are incapable of representing us and MPs that will only work part time for us.



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