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Save Elton Primary School


Elton Primary School

Last night I attended the protest against Elton Primary School being forced to become an academy. It was great to see over a hundred people including parents and councillors attend to voice their anger at this ludicrous proposal.

Elton Primary School was last inspected by Ofsted on 9th October 2013 and the following conclusions were made by Ofsted:

  • The local authority statement of action is fit for purpose.
  • The school’s improvement plan is fit for purpose.
  • The school may not appoint newly qualified teachers before the next monitoring inspection.

Then in mid-November, plans were announced to force this school in to becoming an academy, despite the local authority statement of action and the school’s improvement plan being fit for purpose.

The Conservative MP for Bury North, David Nuttall, released a statement confirming that he believes “the school would benefit from being changed to Academy status”. When I commented asking for evidence to prove those benefits I received a typical response asking for evidence to support the benefits not becoming an Academy.

What we have here is the public sector being ripped off by the private sector. We have private sector companies like Serco performing inspections for Ofsted and then the Department of Education follow up on bad Ofsted reports by forcing schools into Academy status. When in Academy status, the school is no longer motivated by providing better education for pupils. They are motivated by profit.

At the time of writing, 792 people have signed a petition on against Elton Primary School being forced into Academy status.

save our school

Save Our School

Unfortunately our MP David Nuttall is not even prepared to visit the school to hear their views, let alone listen to the parents who are 100% against this proposal.

This is further proof that the people we have been electing to represent us are completely failing to do so.

I hope that Elton Primary School succeed in staying part of our community and are not forced into becoming an Academy. Elton Primary School is an improving school that the community they serve very much appreciates and this should not be taken away by the Government to suit Michael Gove’s warped views on education and schools.

Note: Thank you to Save Elton Primary School for the photographs from last night’s protest.

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