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The Day We Fight Back

Today is Tuesday 11th February 2014 and today, we fight back. For months now we have been hearing of terrible abuses of power from our government and others around the world thanks to the bravery of Edward Snowden. The NSA and GCHQ are spying on our internet activity, emails, phone calls, txt messages and getting access to popular websites such as Facebook to see who you are talking to. The mainstream political parties will NOT change this. Between them they have brought us into this sur...
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Time for a change in drug laws

The recent death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman from a drug overdose has sparked another debate about drug laws, most recently through Russell Brand's comment piece for The Guardian[1], which at the time ...
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Holidays During Term Time

Yet again we have seen the issue of parents taking their children out of school in term time appear in the press, this time in the case of Stewart and Natasha Sutherland who took their daughters out o...
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Gala Coral Given (ANOTHER!) License In Bury

Last week Gala Coral were given another license to open a betting shop in Princess Parade in Bury.  This will be their third betting shop in Bury town centre and fifth in Bury.  Given that I worked fo...
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Response to Derek Brooks

On Thursday 12th December 2013, a letter from former Conservative candidate Derek Brooks was printed in the Bury Times in relation to the protest again Elton Primary School being forced into Academy s...
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